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Remembering Deepwater Horizon: New LASC/SM Baykeeper Report Evaluates the Oil Spill Threats off Our Coast

April 20, 2012, marked the second anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the largest accidental marine oil spill in history and one of the most devastating environmental catastophes of the past quarter century. After witnessing the environmental devastation faced by the gulf-coast and the failures of regulatory agencies to rapidly respond, the Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative and the Santa Monica Baykeeper teamed up to investigate whether the Santa Monica Bay is safe from facing a catostrophe of similar devastation. The findings of this partnership will be released in the Santa Monica Baykeepers soon to be released report “Crude Awakenings Ten Years Later: The Continued Threat of a Major Oil Spill in Southern California.”

While the whole of this report is still in development, we wanted to mark this important day by providing a sneak peak at one of the report’s chapters drafted by LASC Research Fellow Maggie Riley. The chapter, which can be downloaded by by clicking the link to the right, investigates how different state, federal and international regulatory structures interact and cooperate (or fail to do so) to help protect against and/or rapidly respond to major oil spill threats facing the Los Angeles region.

Please take a moment to review this highly informative report, and consider its important recommendations for how to better protect the Santa Monica Bay from the threat of a major oil spill.

The report may be downloaded by clicking here: Download the Report