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LA’s EV Car-Share Pilot Being Considered by Council

Today marks another historic first-step for Los Angeles in transitioning ourselves to a cleaner future as the Transportation Committee of the LA City Council meets to consider a new EV Car-Share Pilot program.  If approved it will move to full council by next week. Recent research from LASC illustrates some of the key policy questions and best practices that has gone into this project, and helps inform residents exactly what this project is all about and what it means for their future.

According to the American Lung Association, Los Angeles is the most polluted region in the country by ozone (smog) pollution. A report by the Environmental Defense Fund shows that nearly 70% of California’s air pollution comes from the transportation sector alone. One of the things that could help improve this is the electrification of the transportation sector.  Less polluting cars on the street = less smog/pollution in the air that we breathe. Likewise, the “car-share” model (think zipcar or car2go) will help low income communities have greater access to electric vehicles by removing barriers of upfront purchase of vehicles and charging infrastructure. Most city vehicle trips are less than 10 miles according to the Department of Transportation (perfect for an electric car) and most personal vehicles sit unused throughout the day/week. The new EV car share pilot will enhance mobility, while reducing the number of polluting vehicle trips.

We are pleased to see this program moving forward in our city, and think Los Angeles is the perfect place for an identity “makeover” – from a car-locked city to a sustainable city with many clean transportation and mobility options.

- Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative