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LA Waterkeeper Releases “Crude Awakenings” Report

The Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative is pleased to announce that the release of “Crude Awakenings: Oil Spill Prevention and Response in Los Angeles County’s Marine Environment” a report released by the Los Angeles Waterkeeper. LASC fellow Maggie Riley served as primary author of Chapter 1 of the report, “Policy, Regs, and Local Facilities.” The chapter investigates how different state, federal and international regulatory structures interact and cooperate (or fail to do so) to help protect against and/or rapidly respond to major oil spill threats facing the Los Angeles region. Her complete chapter can be found here.

The completed report has been released to mark four years since the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill produced the largest accidental oil spill in U.S. history. With several failures in the response to the spill, the Los Angeles Waterkeeper sought to investigate whether the Santa Monica Bay is safe from facing a similar devastation. Los Angeles is a coastal community and therefore relies on a healthy ocean as an important part of its economy. The report, which focuses on oil spill prevention and response in LA County, highlights the critical lessons learned from the BP Deepwater Horizon spill and other oil spills and how it can be applied to Los Angeles County.

The full report pdf can be downloaded here: and also can be downloaded from the Los Angeles Waterkeeper page here: