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Call for LASC Research Fellowship: Student-Initiated Research Application

The LASC 2015 Research Fellowship application is now open and we are seeking your ideas and proposals to advance sustainability in southern California.

To advance our mission of promoting sustainable development in Southern California, the LASC provides research fellowships to graduate students in the region to conduct research and draft reports on sustainability issues directly effecting the region.

Currently, we are seeking research project proposals from graduate students already engaged in a research project. The intention of the fellowship is to support student-initiated, applied research that relates to one or more of the LASC initiatives: Innovation in Sustainability; Protecting our Water; Repowering our Cities; and Reinventing our Streets.

Applications are due by February 17, 2015. 

Benefits of a LASC Fellowship:

  • $1,000 fellowship monetary award (on occasion the award amount has been higher to accommodate small research teams rather than individuals).
  • In addition to funding research, LASC strives to position Fellows to deliver research that will make a significant impact. Helpful advice and collaboration from the LASC assures projects are delivered and packaged in a way that is useful to policymakers and stakeholders.
  • In addition to guidance and oversight from the LASC itself, Fellows are provided with access to a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) that is comprised of leaders and experts in the area(s) relevant to the research project. Through the TAC or otherwise, we provide support in accessing critical data and stakeholders.
  • The LASC also works with Fellows to ensure that their research findings get to key stakeholders, including via media outreach and organizing a briefing(s) with elected officials and/or other decision makers around each project.
  • Fellows receive a leadership training session from LASC as well as valuable networking and career development opportunities.

Fellowship Selection Criteria:

  • Applicant must be a graduate student with good academic credentials who is an excellent writer and researcher.
  • Applicant must demonstrate commitment and promise to be an environmental leader.
  • Research project must address an environmental problem in the Los Angeles region, with a clearly defined research question and methodology. The research project should have relevance to one or more of the LASC Initiative areas (see for previous research projects and our blog).
  • Strong preference for existing projects that meets a student’s graduation requirements (e.g. a thesis or another type of capstone project); will be completed by July, 2014; has an academic advisor; and for which support from the LASC will take a professional quality project to the highest level.
  • Strong preference for the project to have a clearly identified client, such as a non-profit organization or government agency. This client should plan to use the findings of the research project to inform how a program, policy or plan is designed or implemented to address an environmental issue.
  • Research should be framed to help advance the design or implementation of policy to make the Los Angeles region more environmentally sustainable.
  • The final product should have a clearly defined audience and a clearly defined, realisticscope of work.
  • Fellows will be required to author a blog post generally related to his/her research for the LASC EcoAngeleno Blog (

Application Process:
Each applicant is asked to submit the following:

  1. Completed Application Form (LASC Fellowship – student initiated research 2015 ) – submit your brief application to
  2. Resume, including GPA.

Interview: Finalists will be interviewed by members of the LASC Executive Committee.

If you have any questions please send an email to

Please submit any research project application by email to by February 17, 2015.