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Strategic Plan

Dear Colleagues,

The Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative (LASC) is proud to present its 2012-2015 Strategic Plan. After working with my fellow board members for several years to build an organization from the ground up, we are proud to have created this plan to highlight our innovative organizational model and ambitious goals. This plan not only crystallizes our shared vision for the organization, but also provides the foundation upon which LASC can grow and continue to advance sustainability in the Los Angeles region for years to come. In the following plan, you will find that vision, leadership, and a model for change are the backbone of our approach.

  • Vision: By collaborating with our partners, supporting solution-oriented research, and fostering a new generation of environmental leaders and advocates, LASC plays a critical role identifying regional environmental problems and generating innovative solutions.
  • Leadership: LASC is structured to advance sustainability by being a champion when necessary, supporting others as they lead, and encouraging a new generation of leaders to take on some of the most complex environmental challenges in history.
  • Model for Change: Through our approach and our initiatives (Protecting Our Water, Reinventing Our Streets, Repowering Our Cities and Fostering Innovation in Sustainability), LASC offers a unique blueprint for advancing sustainability in Los Angeles, and eventually among future sister organizations in other regions.

Finally, another key theme that we hope you take away from this plan: LASC needs your support. To help LASC fulfill its mission, and to build an organization that can aggressively advance a paradigm shift in how our cities relate with the natural environment, your partnership is integral. We can’t do it alone, nor would we want to.

On behalf of LASC’s Board of Directors, supporters and partners, thank you for reading this plan. We look forward to collaborating with you.


Daniel F. Freedman

Click Here to Download our 2012 Strategic Plan