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In the past several years, many environmental non-profits (especially grassroots organizations) and government agencies have been financially strapped without sufficient resources to conduct or support research. The LASC emerged as a resource for the region’s environmental and public policy community by providing rapid response, applied research on emerging environmental issues affecting the Los Angeles region. Our solution oriented research is initiated in one of two ways:

Partner Initiated Research: Organizations and agencies come to LASC with a research need related to addressing an environmental problem. LASC then reaches out to the regional universities, and using a competitive selection process, selects a Research Fellow to work with the partner organization to conduct research and explore solutions to targeted environmental issues. The result is a written product that can serve as a foundational roadmap for addressing the problem.

Capacity Building: The LASC fosters and supports its own research efforts in order to advance the specific goals of one of the LASC’s several Initiative areas. Senior Fellows help guide the long-term effort of addressing the initiative areas, while Research Fellows are tasked with performing more targeted research tasks. This research is then used to advance an LASC initiative area, and is also shared among partner organizations or stakeholders working on similar issues..