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The LASC actively mentors graduate students by advancing Fellow’s academic and professional goals.

LASC Fellowships: The LASC utilizes its strong ties with local universities to identify qualified graduate students to perform the necessary research tasks needed to help advance specific sustainability goals. These fellowship opportunities provide graduate students with opportunities to participate in resolving local environmental issues, work with experts and influential organizations in the region, and to have their work distributed widely to stakeholders that can benefit from it.

Technical Advisory Committees: To assure the quality of a Fellows work and to provide fellows an unparalleled opportunity to learn from experts in a given field, the LASC and partners establish Technical Advisory Committees (TAC) for each Fellow’s research project. The TAC consists of academic advisors, industry experts, sustainability advocates and community leaders; Leaders in their field that are made available to students for in-person interviews as well as professional advice.

Career Development: LASC Fellowships provide students with a valuable opportunity to develop their careers by providing fellows the opportunity to work with preeminent experts in their fields of interest, actively engage and contribute to respected environmental organizations in the region, and opportunities to make a direct and substantive