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The LASC is committed to not only identify solutions to some of our region’s most pressing environmental issues, but to also see those solutions implemented. For this reason, the LASC develops a unique and targeted education, outreach and advocacy strategy for each project. A common theme within each strategy is utilizing and building coalitions. The following are some examples of the education, outreach, advocacy efforts that LASC performs to help lead the Los Angeles region to a more sustainable future.

Education: One-on-one and/or public briefings where LASC Research Fellows present their findings and policy recommendations to critical decision makers and community stakeholders in the region. This includes meeting with policy makers, testifying at public hearings, and presenting at public events about our research findings and recommendations.

Outreach: Distribution of LASC research findings and recommendations, such as electronic and hard-copy versions of our reports with executive summaries or briefing sheets, are distributed widely among regional stakeholders via our partners, LASC email announcements, and social media.

Advocacy: The LASC model creates coalitions of public figures, non-profit and academic partners and community members with which the LASC collaborates to advance the recommendations identified by our research.

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