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LASC employs a unique four-phase approach to advance its mission and objectives for our initiative areas.

The initiative areas are:

  • Protecting Our Water
  • Reinventing Our Streets
  • Re-Powering Our Cities
  • Fostering Innovation in Sustainability.

The four phases of LASC’s model are:

  1. Regional Collaboration & Partnerships: LASC works with our partners in academia, government and the non-profit sector to identify environmental issues that impact the Los Angeles region and the research needed to address the issue. We then work with those partners to conduct the research and advocate for the application of the solutions identified in the research.
  2. Solution-Oriented Research: LASC leverages our relationships with Southern California’s world-class universities to identify and support highly qualified Senior Fellows and Research Fellows to conduct research and work closely with subject matter experts to advance the goals of LASC’s several initiatives.
  3. Leadership & Mentorship: LASC Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Technical Advisory Committees focus on both guiding ongoing projects, as well as actively grooming Southern California’s next generation of sustainability professionals and leaders.
  4. Awareness, Outreach and Advocacy: LASC utilizes its relationships to inform decision makers and advocate for solutions identified by our research. LASC’s approach to advocacy operates on three distinct levels:
    1) engage decision makers with our research findings; 2) inform thought-leaders in academia, media and non-profit outlets; and 3) bring issue awareness to the general public to build momentum and create change.